Teenagers are given such a bad rap so I want to share this story with you...I work at a large high school and my church is in the same neighborhood so I see a lot of our youth group at school. Lately I have had a huge burden for these kids....a lot of the kids from school have shared details of their home life with me and some of the stories just break my heart...I mean send me to my knees because I can't imagine living through some of that withOUT God. Two of the girls that I have become close too are "atheists" and THAT breaks my heart so a couple of Wednesdays ago I challenged the youth group to seek out those who are sitting alone and invite them to church or just make friends with them..you know be that light thing:-) Several of them took me very seriously and we have exchanged cell numbers so that we can tm or call each other when opportunities arise. I haven't shared details with them about the others lives..I HATE gossip on so many levels....BUT I have made sure I introduced them to each other. Watching the teens every day seeking out new people just touches me in a way I can't explain. I LOVE seeing them witnessing to others. One of the boys actually has business cards with his name and service times on them so that when someone is interested in going he can pick them up...he is an amazing teen that is just chasing God in a way I have never seen a teenager do...I wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't called to the ministry soon:-) The little girl he picked up last Wednesday accepted Jesus and lots of tears were shed that night...mostly by me lol I love these kids and I never thought I would love my job SO much but what an opportunity I have...what a blessing that is!! There are 2000+ kids...I wonder if I can get a bus;-) I can tell you this... God is doing AMAZING things in my church.


BarBarA said...

Thanks for sharing this....teens do get a bad rap. Wow, these are inspiring stories, God is at work in these lives!!

Ame said...

that is so cool - how wonderful how God is using you in these impressionable lives!