Stupid ICE lol

First I start out my day sliding across a parking lot just missing a car! Then tonight I run to the store because living without my diet coke with lime is NOT an option;-) I was walking back inside and carefully trying to get around my car when I fell...the parking lot in my apartment complex is still covered in ice! Of course, I fell just as this young guy is leaving my neighbors so I got to have an audience;-) If that wasn't bad enough I got the whole "omgosh MA'AM are you ok?"...I am in denial that I am old enough to actually be a ma'am!.... I told him I was fine and I tried to laugh it off ...As I am sitting IN the ice I realize my whole bottom is COLD and wet. REALLY cold!! I stood up and my kids who are just so thoughtful were laughing at me. I am sure I looked amusing because when I fell you would have thought I was holding a newborn baby because I did everything to protect my diet coke from falling...sad isn't it?? When I stood up I was even more embarrassed because I ripped my pants lol My children didn't miss a beat and started singing "oops I ripped my pants" I will tell you from experience that a thong does not give you much protection. Off to take some tylenol.....stupid ice!


Sarah said...

LOL, you will remember that for the rest of your life... unfortunately it will be because the kids won't let you forget.

Ame said...


oh, my ... as i get older i am completely understanding why there are those who are referred to as "young at heart." i honestly do not feel my age inside.

one day i was walking with my niece who was 14 at the time, and this car drove by with guys who started whistling. i happened to turn in her direction to see her shy smile curl on her lips, and i thought in shock, "that was for HER; NOT for me!!! oh, my! i'm not that young anymore!!!!!!!"