Since I just know you are all SOOOO interested in the little day to day happenings here I thought I would update:-) We were spared the "worst snowstorm ever to hit Oklahoma" this weekend. We did get LOT of rain and a few snowflakes but coming from Florida rain doesn't scare me. All it really did was manage to make a mess outside. I really am still loving the seasons even if I had to have someone dig my car out of the parking lot:-) I am hopeful that school will go back tomorrow and if you hear a scream later it is because I got the email canceling....Seeing as I actually work at the school I would like to go back because I like that whole paycheck thing:-P That and I like routine:-) This Wednesday if things are back to normal my church is offering several 8 wk classes and I signed up for one called The Jesus I Never Knew

I am SOOOO excited to be going to this class and the person teaching it is an AMAZING speaker so I just can't wait! Let me see...what else can I update you on?

Our counseling-- DivorceCare: Divorce Recovery Support Groups starts back tomorrow but I need to see how comfortable I am driving before I make the trip out there.

The whole sleeping in the bed thang--I am still sleeping in my bed and actually enjoying it lol After the first week I realized how comfortable my pillow top mattress is and wondered why it took me so long to go back to it...this week we have camped out in the living room but somewhere in the middle of the night I would always go back to my room...I missed my bed and that is a step forward. I am making progress in little ways like a while back I put my wedding stuff away. I NEVER thought I would be at a point where I could put it away but I did. I am healing in little ways..it will take time and I will learn along the way.

The eating healthy thing--I think we will get back on track once I can shop again. Hopefully TOMORROW! We are still eating good but *I* have had a LOT of chocolate being stuck in the house lol Would you believe I ate an entire bag of reeces?? ALL.BY.MYSELF. I did!

I guess that is it. Nothing exciting unless you want to know I just put chicken poop on my lips;-) It isn't what you think but it really works! I have a hard time with dry skin and chapped lips because the air here is so dry and I am used to living in a humid environment. Look they have a link so you don't think I really put poop on my lips lol http://ilovechickenpoop.com/

The kids are sad to be going back to school and we really have had a great time with each other. They are such good kids and although they are hyper active like their Mama they have good hearts. I love that and them! We even cooked in the fireplace just to say we did and they loved that! I guess that is it...off to finish listening to music!

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Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

I think I have that book, but I don't think I've read it yet. I'll have to do that.

Personally (from OK too) I was a little disappointed there was no snow....