This is it??

I hope the weathermen are happy! They spent the last two days scaring me for NOTHING. Sure we have some ice and sleet but this is so NOT what I expected. They made it sound like the end of the world was coming and judging from the lines at the store I am not the only one that bought their story. The shelves were SOOOOO empty and the only time I have seen anything that compares was a couple of years ago when Florida was repeatedly hit by hurricanes and tropical storms. I did have to drive in this yesterday when I got off work and that was not fun. I was the one going 5mph so I apologize to my OKC readers:-D THAT was an experience and I will NOT be leaving again until I can see the lines in the road and the ice has melted. I don't like being stuck in the house but this is bearable as long as I don't lose power...I can handle the stuff outside as long as I am warm inside. If you take my heat away and I have to rely on the fireplace to heat and cook I will die...well, maybe not die but I won't be happy;-)


Susan said...

Glad to see it's not as bad as you thought. I saw your comment on another blog and thought I'd come over. We live in Florida...was raised here. I remember moving north when dh and I were newlyweds and being so scared when ice and snow hit!!

Have a GREAT weekend!!

:-) Susan

Barbie said...

Thanks Susan! I was born in raised in Florida also so this is so new to me...I have had a LOT of first since I have been here:-) Enjoy your beautiful weather. My family has already called to let me know it was in the high 70's yesterday and today back home. It was 71 here Thursday and an ice storm the next day...go figure lol

Lynn said...

Why do weathermen do that? Even in Central Texas they have been yapping about ice/sleet/flooding conditions. It's 37 here now and I think that is supposed to be the high the next few days. I would LOVE LOVE a snow flurry. But, you are right about the heat. Cooking in the fireplace....is it possible? LOL

Paulette said...

Hey Barbie,
Iam with you on this weather stuff, I hate being cooped up but I dont think it was as bad as they made it out to be here either.
I am from Florida as well.raised in Tampa. I vacation in clearwater and Miami now I so love the ocean.