3 LONG days

I have been home for 3 days now lol What can you do in 3 days you ask?
You can vacuum 20 times because you never know when the lights just might go off and you would really like to keep the lines in the carpet.
You can watch the weathermen on TV and laugh at how excited they are when "round 3" of "ICE STORM 2007" hits.
You can watch way too much tv and realize you aren't missing much when you don't....although American Idol is coming and I can barely contain my excitement!! I missed Simon:-P
You can wake up every morning and jump in the shower first thing because the lights MIGHT go out and I like me some hot water.
You can promptly put clean pajamas back on because who really cares about getting dressed when you aren't going anywhere.
You can talk on your phone for so long that your battery dies lol Ok that only happened yesterday;-)
You can do 9 loads of laundry and wonder HOW they all got dirty when you haven't gone anywhere
You can pick out your "break up" cd Beauty from Pain 1.1 CD - By: Superchick - Christianbook.com
You can change your cell phones ringtone because the Boomer Sooner one is getting old
You can stare out the window like a little kid and wonder when this stuff is going to melt and if it doesn't how will I drive in it tomorrow?!
You can listen to music loudly because your neighbors left town.
You can listen to your family call to tell you that OK is on the news and they are showing cold cows and it is 75 back home
You can play every game with your kids you can find
You can say "stop running in the house" fifty million times and pray that SuperNanny will come
You can start praying for a house SOON because apartment living with 3 kids gets old real fast.
I am sure I have done more things like COOK, COOK and COOK some more. Now I have to clean because I have company coming later. YAY!! I never thought I would be so excited to see another person but I am:-) Thank God for friends!


Paul said...

Hmmm, I walked six hours but I don't think I did nearly as much as you did over these three days!

Lynn said...

It is called "cabin fever". Even though today was a holiday, I played domestic goddess and cleaned out drawers and cabinets. Doesn't that sound fun? And now, we get a school holiday in Texas tomorrow due to ice. What'll I do now? Hope you thaw out pretty quick.

Ame said...

we're getting cabin fever, too. our schools are out for five days - teacher work days - so soon after christmas and with the ice, all the kids AND moms are going nuts! but, gosh, wish i had vacuum lines in my carpet!!! tehehehehehe i still have the remnants of "camping in" in my family room that need attention ;)