Oh my word I am soooooo excited!! Look what is coming on TONIGHT?? I keep looking at the clock to see if it is time!! Only thing that could be better is if I didn't have to cook tonight;-) :::::::::::::doing my snoopy dance::::::::::::::American Idol is coming on tonight!! If you have never watched a season get out from under that rock and join me in watching:-)


Paul said...

Sorry, I'm staying under my rock. I don't come out that easily. :) Actually I have to work tonight anyway.

BarBarA said...

Hey just stopping by to check in and I see that you are an Idol fan! Enjoy!!!

Ame said...

you will probably not believe this, but i've never seen an episode of AI! i rarely watch any tv at all, and if i do, and it's not kids stuff, it's hgtv or tlc ;)