Ever have to do something that was just hard? I mean something that just made you want to crawl in bed, lay in a fetal position and give up? I found out this verse really is true

Philippians 4:13 (King James Version)
13I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

Of course, that made me think of my favorite group Casting Crowns so this song has been in my head lol

"In Me"

If you ask me to leap
Out of my boat on the crashing waves
If You ask me to go
Preach to the lost world that Jesus saves

I'll go, but I cannot go alone
Cause I know I'm nothing on my own
But the power of Christ in me makes me strong
Makes me strong

Cause when I'm weak, You make me strong
When I'm blind, You shine Your light on me
Cause I'll never get by living on my own ability
How refreshing to know You don't need me
How amazing to find that you want me
So I'll stand on Your truth, and I'll fight with Your strength
Until You bring the victory, by the power of Christ in me

If You ask me to run
And carry Your light into foreign land
If You ask me to fight
Deliver Your people from Satan's hand

To reach out with Your hands
To learn through Your eyes
To love with the love of a savior
To feel with Your heart
And to think with Your mind
I'd give my last breath for Your glory


Thank you Father for giving me the strength to do even the hard things....I am NOTHING without You. I am sorry that I got mad....I love you.....


Ame said...

getting angry with God is okay. it is even normal. when i went thru my sexual abuse recovery group, we spent quite a bit of time on this and wrote very raw and honest letters to God. it was so incredibly healing. God can handle our anger and all our other emotions. if we take them to Him immediately, He can heal us and diffuse us and calm us beyond our comprehension.

yes, life is this hard sometimes. it just is. it's where you are, but it's not where you're going. it's a season, but another is coming behind this one, waiting for its turn. you will make it; you will.

BarBarA said...

I love Casting Crowns. Great song. Just stopping by to check in on you :)

I've thought about you a lot lately.