I thought I would ask ya'lls advice on something...I am looking for a new Bible. I have always been a KJV person but I really want an NIV. My church preaches out of one and I have been reading my dds bible that was from her grandma. It is like reading it for the first time. I have a KJV Open Bible and I have had it for 20yrs now. It still has my maiden name on it lol Now I want a new one but this time I think I will just put Barbie on it with no last name:-) I have the option of going back to my maiden name when the divorce is final but I won't for a couple of reasons....one I like that the kids and I have the same last name and the other is I can't just forget the last 17 yrs happened. Anyway, I am looking for a NIV and was wondering if anyone had a favorite out there?? Thanks!


Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

I have an NIV Study Bible and I love it.

Ame said...

i wouldn't engrave my name on another bible, but i would write my name inside.

if/when i marry again, i will keep my current married name and add my new married name till my daughters graduate from HS or till they marry. i want to keep the connection. it will just be for legal purposes - i will not include this married name in my new signature, but i want to be able to fill out their document forms for school, physicians, etc, with the same last name as theirs somewhere in my legal name.

i went to my local bible book store and looked thru their catalog with the clerk. i found an niv for note taking - it has extra wide margins. it does not have much of a concordance though.

it was also important to me NOT to get a bible with any person's commentary. i wanted simply the word of God. if i want commentary, i go look for it, but i like having only His Word with me when I'm with Him.

Larissa said...

That's funny...I just bought a new bible. I've always used NIV, the study version and it is great. The study helps are wonderful. I decided to get a new version and went to NLT, and I'm really enjoying that as well. But I am glad that I had used the NIV first.