What an insane week...The older I get the more my body acts like a teenager and PMS has gotten U.G.L.Y! I haven't been this hormonal since I was a teen. The timing couldn't have been worse either! My soon to be ex was served on Saturday and things got crazy from there..funny the worst part was reading things from his sister and her insane ramblings about things she has NO clue about. It is sad that things can't just be between him and I:( I was not married to his family so they should stay out of it but her minding her own business was never a strong point of hers. It was to the point that I was ready to have a restraining order placed on her. I think I bit a hole in my tongue with the things I wanted to say. Shutting up has never been MY strong point but I am growing because I really didn't say the things I wanted to lol Things between him and I are strained but we ARE talking because he knows the truth. He may not be happy with Oklahoma laws but he knows the truth. I think in the end we will still be friends for the kids sake. Fortunately LONG distance friends:-D
God has a funny sense of humor also and for some reason has asked me to step out of my comfort zone so many times in the last year. Sunday He knew I needed to be reminded of a few things so I was asked to speak in front of my Sunday School class...I was asked 5 min before the class started so I didn't even have time to properly freak out! This is a class of mostly older people so I was very nervous. God was with me because I didn't pass out;-)Public speaking is so not for me lol
Monday night we went to counseling. I have never doubted the decision to move here. I believe this is where God called me and I have always had a peace about that even when things were rough. Monday night I spoke with the kids counselors withOUT the kids and told them what was going on. I told them about the injunction and the SIL and her threats. I have tried to protect the kids from knowing anything so the 2 little ones have no clue what is going on. The oldest knows some because I was worried about his Daddy calling and freaking out when he found out I filed but to my surprise he hasn't. They gave me great advice and after the classes the middle ones counselor gave me a paper..this one

This was supposed to be about visitation but my son decided to change it completely. He cracks me up:-) He said Sadness IS depressing so he wanted something funny. They were amused and so was I. Then on the way home my oldest asked why they were even IN counseling because the other kids had "real problems" and he told me some of what they talked about. My kids haven't had to deal with that stuff because we are so far away. The only fight here was when I had to call the police in Oct when their Dad was here but they were inside and missed it thank God! I feel like my kids have been protected and for that I am sooooooo thankful. They have a great support group at church and in counseling. Their comments Monday night confirmed my decision to come here. If we were in the same town things would never have been so calm. I felt blessed. Tuesday and Wednesday were a huge blur because PMS took over my body. It was so bad that Thursday I stayed home from work because I so needed a day to myself. Being single I have absolutely NO time for me. It is hard but so worth it. I wouldn't change being a Mom for anything and my kids are my life. Today I am finally feeling better so I figured I would take this opportunity to update ya'll:-) I do appreciate all of your prayers. I am so looking forward to this weekend:-) Hope you all have fun! Thanks again for all of your prayers and the card I got in the mail that was just so perfect:-) God Bless you all!


Larissa said...

Thanks so much for stopping by. I have been so encouraged by others reading my blog and letting me know how I feel!!! I saw you mentioned divorce care. I just started that last week. Telling my "story" was so much harder than I ever anticipated. I've never had to do that from the very beginning. You are a brave, brave person to move to a different place, but I pray God blesses you for following him where He wants you to go. That is the only happy way out of this mess, to follow Him completely!! God bless you and your kids!

Sarah said...

Praying for you to rest in the Lord.

Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

hope all goes well.