My Daughter

Thanks to my dd's "Auntie" I had her eyes checked. She had been complaining of headaches when she came home from school but glasses NEVER crossed my mind....stress, brain tumors and stuff like that did but not glasses.....just call me Eeyore:-/ It turns out she is farsighted like her Mom and needs them for reading. Since I am just such a wonderful Mom and missed this TOTALLY I made an appt for both boys for tomorrow. Hey if you add 30yrs and 100lbs to this picture you will have me lol I have blue eyes and she has brown but other than that she is my "mini me"



Paul said...

Very nice! Being able to see makes it much easier to read! :)

Vicki said...

Ah, she's precious! I went through most of my school years "squinting" and didn't find out I needed glasses until about the 10th grade. It made such a huge difference in my world!

Lynn said...

She looks precious in her glasses! I am sure that she thrilled to be able to see so well and you are thrilled that all that was needed was glasses. Tell her she looks beautiful in them!