Does it get any better??

I think my heart is just so full right now it might explode. As you can see I didn't go to church today. I didn't go because today they are doing a marriage breakthrough thing and I just can't do it emotionally. I really can't. Anyway, that is a whole nother subject.
For our first Mother's Day alone I was planning on surprising my kids with breakfast out but we stayed up late watching old Little House on the Prairie dvds lol So they slept in this morning while I enjoyed the peace and quiet:-) Actually I played on the computer and answered really old emails. I also received one that I will always remember and may read on those days I feel like a failure with my kids. You know who you are and THANK YOU again. I am still speechless:-)
When they woke up they all gave me the little things they have been making. Usually Daddy takes them shopping but I don't have that anymore. But the gifts they gave me I will always treasure. My dd had to fill out this paper from school where she filled in the blanks and on one part it said
She's as pretty as Gold
She weighs 100 Yeah I lol'd too!! The last time I was 100lbs was when I found out I was pregnant with her 13 yo brother!!
She is 5 feet tall...I am 5'6"
Her favorite food is Reese's...and I still weigh 100lbs? ROFL! But she is right I LOVE me some reeses! Have you tried the new Reese's crunchy candy bar?? TO DIE FOR!!
there was more but those cracked me up so I had to share.
My 10yr drew me a million pictures but his poem is what made me bawl. I am going to type it just like he wrote it

To Mom
You are my Mom and I love you,
You are always sweet,
You are never blue,
You are the best Mom,
In the entire world,
I'll pray for you every day
to the Lord.

Can you see why I cried??

Between the email this morning and my kids THIS might just be the best Mother's Day ever:-) And it is my first one single!! That IS an answer to prayer!
I am going to get ready and take my kids out for brunch:-)


Larissa said...

That is sweet! And I LOVE Little House on The Prairie. That is the best classic show ever!!! Happy Mother's Day!

Lynn said...

What a special Mother's Day! It will be one you always remember too. Every one will get sweeter and sweeter. The hard times still come but you are so lucky your children respect and love you so much. Hope you enjoy the rest of a blessed day.

Paul said...

Happy Mother's Day!!! I am sure you are a wonderful mom!