Thanks Mom Marrow Donor Drive
May 7 - 21, 2007
Ever think of being a bone marrow donor? Has the cost of donating kept you from doing it? You can join the program online between May 7-21 for FREE and you can do it from your chair RIGHT NOW. Just think you can join right now and possibly save a life:-) What better gift could you give someone??
Thanks Mom Marrow Donor Drive


sarah said...

I am a registered bone marrow donor, and I hope to have the chance to help someone someday. I was called last month as a possible match for a man with leukemia, but I am unable to donate now because of being pregnant. I was so sad to miss the chance to help, but I'm hoping for another chance in the future.

Paul said...

We did a campaign like that at church a few year ago. We had a man dying who needed a match. We didn't find it in time but someone from the church was called upon to help someone else. It is good thing you are doing.