My 100 Things About Me

Can you believe this is my 100th post?! I know it would have been more had I not deleted all the stuff from before I moved lol Still I know it is customary to do the "100 things about me" but I don't know if I can think of 100! I will try but trust me my life is pretty boring;-)

  1. I hate Elvis...I will just get this one out of the way but he is nails on a chalkboard to me
  2. I am the youngest of 7
  3. I was named after a song by The Temptations called Barbara and not Barbara Ann by the Beachboys;-)
  4. I was born and raised in Florida
  5. My oldest brother named me
  6. He died when I was 10
  7. I miss him
  8. He was 27 yo
  9. It was a hit and run
  10. They never found the man but I have forgiven him
  11. I have been on my own since I was 16
  12. I still lived on the same street most of my life including the last ten years of my marriage
  13. I didn't mind living 3 houses from my Mom because she is a good cook
  14. I miss her cooking
  15. I don't miss Florida
  16. I love Oklahoma
  17. I graduated from a private school
  18. I was 3rd in my class...hard to believe huh?
  19. I was a cheerleader and played several sports
  20. I graduated "Most Christian Leadership"
  21. Yet two years later I married an unbeliever
  22. That lasted almost 18yrs
  23. We lived in West Palm Beach for 3 years
  24. That was the only place other than Jacksonville I have lived
  25. My children were all born at the same hospital with the same Dr
  26. I was pregnant 5 times and lost 3 babies..I have 3 and that isn't creative math. My middle son was a twin
  27. I took fertility drugs for most of my pregnancies
  28. and Progesterone suppositories aka "slime bullets" to stay pregnant
  29. Pregnancy was hard on me
  30. I had hyperemesis with all of them
  31. Labor was easy
  32. I believe it was my trade off for vomiting 15+ times a day
  33. My longest labor was 3 hours
  34. Shortest was 1hr 45 min
  35. I spent 30 weeks in bed on a heparin pump with the last one
  36. I had a DVT from my groin to the back of my knee
  37. That is why she is the last one
  38. I wanted a "quiver full" but apparently my quiver is small;-)
  39. I had natural childbirth with the last
  40. I was induced with all three
  41. pitocin stinks
  42. I nursed all of them
  43. I didn't want to nurse the first one and was stocked up on formula
  44. He wouldn't take a bottle and I was too tired to fight him
  45. He had colic
  46. I think he stayed latched on for 3 months
  47. He was 25lbs at 6 months
  48. He is only 100lbs at 13
  49. I didn't even own a bottle with the other two
  50. I LOVED nursing
  51. I also cloth diapered
  52. We didn't use babyfood either
  53. We coslept so the crib was for decoration;-)
  54. Did I say I loved having babies? I did!
  55. I am now a single Mom
  56. I never thought I would be
  57. I should have gone to college before I got married
  58. I did go to Liberty University when it was still Liberty Baptist
  59. I only stayed a couple of weeks
  60. I couldn't stand that I couldn't listen to my own music
  61. My music was contemporary Christian
  62. It still is:-)
  63. Music is a very important part of my life
  64. even if I can't sing
  65. I was still in chorus in highschool and choir in church
  66. I can't dance either
  67. I didn't wear pants for years
  68. I still can't wear them to church
  69. I went to a church with a lot of rules
  70. Now I believe it is about a relationship and not rules
  71. I was a bus kid so I went alone
  72. I am thankful for my Sunday School teacher who introduced me to my Savior
  73. I still talk to her 25yrs later
  74. People who work in childrens ministry change lives and I am so thankful for them
  75. It isn't my gift
  76. My gift is compassion
  77. I never thought it was a gift till I needed it
  78. My life has changed drastically in the last year
  79. I moved 1284 miles from my home
  80. only to find my real home
  81. God called me here...I am sure of that!
  82. It was a HUGE leap of faith
  83. One I am glad I made even if it was outside my comfort zone
  84. I still don't feel grown up
  85. I wonder if I ever will lol I am just a big kid with a lot of adult responsibilities
  86. I love to laugh
  87. but I would rather hear others laugh
  88. I used to not have women friends
  89. I thought all women were catty
  90. now I really enjoy them
  91. when I love someone they know it
  92. I love with my whole heart
  93. I do like that part of me
  94. most of the time
  95. sometimes I think I love too much
  96. trying to think of 100 things is making my head hurt:-P
  97. I know I have mentioned this but I am running out of things to say. ..I hate black ink.
  98. I drink a lot of diet coke and I prefer it out of the can
  99. I don't like ice
  100. I did it but I'll bet you quit reading so I can put anything here and you wouldn't know lol

Well, that wasn't easy but it sure took my mind off my day...maybe I will share that tomorrow lol Nahhh but I will give you the brief version

dd had surgery
she took nap and woke up with a swollen eye
called Dr who did surgery and she said to bring her in
middle son decided it the perfect time to stick his tooth through his lip
oh the blood!!
and the screams
did I mention the massive amounts of blood??
Dr decided my hands were full so she called in a script for my dds reaction to whatever made her eye swell
I didn't know if he needed stitches and the blood was making me woozy
threw a washcloth on his face and jumped in car
called a friends dad freaking out and drove him over there
almost hit the same green van turning into their community that I almost hit this morning
did I mention I drive fast?
he went with me to the ER
the tooth went all the way through but didn't look too bad once the bleeding stopped
I still haven't cried but I am too tired to do that lol


Paul said...

I just learned more about you in three minutes than I ever knew. My life seems boring compared to yours. What a day! I'm praying for you!

ame said...

love the frosting pic! you do NOT look a day over 21!!!

i love the beach and really miss it ... REALLY miss the beach. would LOVE to have a beach house someday. but i do NOT miss the atmosphere and environment that come from living on the beach.

don't you just love those kinda days ... surgery, tooth through lip, blood, allergic reaction ... *sanity* ... lookin for *sanity* !!!!!!!

i love babies, too ... absolutely love them ... but have always only wanted one ... God knew i needed two ... knew they would need each other ;)

you have more energy than i do, i think!

loved reading all of this ... including your #100!!!

i missed the 100th post but picked it up on the 300th post - i think i have it in my sidebar ;)

am posting this and sending you an email

Nat said...

Barbie- thanks for posting on my blog. I have, what may be stupid question: have we met? I'm rackin' my brain!? And, are you a part of the Single Mom's conference here in OK? Have you heard of it? "Survive and Thrive" by Arise Ministries?