Just some random ramblings!

This is the last week of school!! Part of me is just thrilled to have the break. This has been THE longest year of my life...I am sure of that!! lol What I didn't realize was that today I would be saying a LOT of goodbyes:-( The seniors graduated on Sunday and they don't have to come back to school after today. If it wasn't for all the snow days we are making up we would already be out but talk about an emotional day!! I love these kids and I will miss so many of them! I know teens get a bad rap these days but they really aren't all bad. In fact, MOST are really great! I believe if you talk to them and treat them like adults that you would be amazed at what you find out. They have opinions and some are truly amazing. I think they are just trying to figure out who they are in this world much like we were years ago. Oh gosh that made me feel old! I have had to choke back tears all day as they each hugged me and told me goodbye:**( As they told me their future plans I listened and I tried to encourage them to seek Christ in everything they do. Yes, I know it is a public school but my stance is not a secret. I don't hide my faith. I hope they all succeed and I will continue to pray for them. I just hated saying goodbye. If you would have asked me at the beginning of the school year if I thought I would care this much I would have said no. I didn't think I would get this close to them but I guess you can't see someone almost every day and not establish a relationship with them. I am so going to miss them. Some I will still see in church but others are going off to college. I know this is part of life and I am just thrilled for them. I remember all the hopes and dreams I had when I graduated and then I remember throwing them away to get married lol I wouldn't change the fact I had my kids but wow I made some bad choices!

Oh wait this was random stuff...here ya go!

This morning I took my kids to the bus stop and as I was waiting I noticed how big some of the kids were getting. I made a comment to my middle child that next year he would be in 5th grade and it would be his last year in elementary!! My oldest will be in 8th and it will be his last year in middle school! OH MY WORD I will have one in elementary, one in middle and one in high school!! Can I really be that old? My son pointed out I would be "like 40" when that happens so I pointed out that their favorite Auntie will be 40 on her next birthday. Without missing a beat my dd says "She is OLDER than YOU??!!" Geez thanks honey! I know she looks younger but you shouldn't point that out lol

Frosting really does change your mood...you should try it:-)

I don't have to work after next week...maybe;-) It really depends on if the kids are going to Florida but so far my STBX hasn't complied with much in the court order.

The pool opens this Friday and I will be in it:-)

I miss water but I don't miss the beach. I HATE the beach. Never have liked it either. Yeah it's all pretty and all but I have pictures.

I also don't care for Disney World.

The song
Only You by Philips, Craig and Dean has been in my head ALL DAY and I am listening to the CD right now:-)

He IS the great I AM and I have been spending a lot of time at His feet. Does wonders for your mood too;-)

I need Him and only Him. He really does complete me:-)

Ok I guess that is it because I am in a cleaning mood and the candle is lit, the music is playing and carpet fresh is sprinkled. Oh and if you are just that curious it is clean linen:-) My very favorite smell for candles or any air freshner lol

Oh and one more thing my dd is having surgery on Thursday so if you can remember to pray I would greatly appreciate it. It is nothing major but she is being put under and that always scares me.

Have a great Tuesday!!! Be blessed!!


Lyndy said...

Oh I am glad to hear from you post that you seem in better spirits.

I can imagine it would be difficult saying goodbye to all those kids. Bittersweet moments.

You and I are close in age. I am 38 and it is so hard to believe it has been that long ago since high school.

Will be praying for your daughter and for you too as she goes through this.

Barbie said...

Hi, just seen your comment on BooMama's site and your name stuck out to me:):):) so I stopped by.

I will be praying for you and your family, sounds like a ruff year.

May God bless you.