Snow in Pictures

Before we moved here THIS was the only kind of snowflake my kids had ever seen:-) This is a prized possession of my dd from her Auntie

I was dying to see snow...I really was hoping it would snow when I came to visit in January but it was warm when I cameI finally got my wish and it came all the way to my front door:-)My cat thought that was cool and she would eat it lolMy dog didn't know what to think!My kids LOVED it...well, after it became real snow;-)The boys immediately had a snowball fight
My dd wanted to make snow angels...not to be confused with the sleet angels we made yesterday:-P

It really snowed!! Look at all of that snow!!

I am going stir crazy...imagine 3 kids in a little apt...wait 3 kids with LOTS of energy in a little apt BUT HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DRIVE IN THIS????


Paul said...

I'm jealous. I love a good snow. Send it our way!

The Crib Chick said...

Well, my Minnesotan-born husband would say...join all the native Okies, who DON'T KNOW HOW TO DRIVE IN THE SNOW, EITHER!

I wish I was there, taking my life in my hands, driving amongst my fellow Oklahomans in the bad conditions. :o(

Lynn said...

What fun ! Being in Central Texas we get the cold from time to time but rarely rarely snow. People here freak out if they see ice on their windshields. Enjoy your adventure while making your new life. Happy Holidays.