Boys lol

Tonight we are having dinner and my dd is telling us about her day...she has this thing for reading ONLY non-fiction books and she likes to tell us ALL about them:-)
Here is the conversation

DD-C did you know that Uranus is a gas giant?
C and B- :::::burst out laughing::::
B-Yeah C your anus is full of gas
DD-it is! Mom will you tell them uranus is a gas giant??
C-Yeah Mom tell us your anus is giant:::evil grin::::

It took everything not to laugh...gotta love kids:-P


Sarah said...

It is in moments like that I just get overfilled with emotion and laughter that I realize God is in EVERY moment. He knows what we need, and just when we need it. LOL, your kids are funny.

The Crib Chick said...

I love it. Funny kids.

Hee hee..."Uranus is a gas giant!"

I'm going to tell that one to dh. ;o)