Another Christmas Meme

I stole this from Paulette and needed an excuse to sit for a minute so here ya go lol

A little Christmas meme..............

What is guaranteed to make you smile over the holidays?

My children and they have already made me smile today! They are seeing the hand of God work in our lives like NEVER before and they are talking about it with each other!! I don't think there is anything that can make a Mom happier than listening to their kids say things like "wow God really IS supplying ALL of our needs" or "when we moved here I thought things would be a lot harder but God really has taken care of everything" or "why would someone do that if they have never met you?"...oh trust me my kids will NEVER forget this Christmas and how God took care of us!

What makes you weepy during the holiday?

This year? everything lol I guess most years looking at my children and their faces when they wake up on Christmas morning

How will you spend Christmas eve and Christmas day?

This year we will spend Christmas eve with a dear friend and her ILs and Christmas day with the same friend and her parents. I love them:-)

What was your most memorable Christmas and why?

Dec of 1989...it was 5 days after we got married...for those who just figured that out my 17th anniversary was yesterday and it was HARD. That Christmas was very memorable because...well, I JUST got married;-) We had a get together at my sisters house with wedding cake and everything.

Christmas letter's from friends, pro or con?

Pro I LOVE getting mail and Christmas letters rock because I get to read about the little things that happened that year. Helps to keep up with everyone:-)

In your home is Christmas more of a religous or secular observance?

Definitely religious..I have always tried to make sure the kids know what the true meaning of Christmas is and we usually have a Happy Birthday cake for Jesus. They know the Christmas story is about the birth of Jesus but the real miracle of Christmas is that the baby GREW UP:-D

What is your favorite Christmas Carol?

Come All Ye Faithful

What is your deepest prayer for the world at Christmas?

That everyone can have a close and personal relationship with Jesus. I don't know how I would have gotten through this last year without Him... I really don't...I am so beyond thankful that I serve a God that takes care of His children and loves them unconditionally.


Paulette said...

hello, it's Paulette, I read what you left at my blog and wanted to come meet you! Thankyou for your sweet words, they encouraged me. Trust me I do understand, and appreciate your encoragement. I read down several posts and will definately be back. I too was raised in Florida. I just got back from a trip to Miami for a week. I am actually from Tampa.
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Barbie.

Sarah said...

Wishing you and the kids a blessed Christmas in your new home. The Lord has truly wrapped His loving arms around your family and carried you. You are a wonderful mom and Faithful follower of Christ. You inspire and touch many~