In the last 4 months...can you believe it has already been 4 months??!!...anyway, in the last 4 months I have learned so many things about Oklahoma that are different from Florida;-) Here are a few things....

Sirens at noon on Saturday are NOT a cause for alarm..there is no need to stop in the middle of the expressway screaming "what it is?"

When they say windy they MEAN windy...like hurricane force winds without the water...please hold your kids hands. Oh and BE CAREFUL opening your car doors...goodness it could get ripped from your hands!

Some days it really IS necessary to run both the a/c and heater

Dressing in layers in not a suggestion

Trying to change lanes after it snows may prove difficult and you could go straight for a LONG time...don't panic because at some point somebody else has turned and you can too

Pushing a shopping cart through a parking lot full of ice and hold your kids hands is hard...when they offer help in the store TAKE IT!

White does not always equal snow...do not traumatize kids by telling them it is snow and dragging them out in the sleet to make "snow" angels...if it hurts go back in;-)

This one I learned just this morning...do NOT try to clean your car windows with the windshield washer fluid while you are driving and it is cold...it WILL freeze and you won't be able to see out the window. You will look like an idiot trying to stick your head out the window so you don't smash into the car in front of you.

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