Nine Things

Because I really have NOTHING to blog about I will share with you MY nine things that are weird...just stopping at nine will be hard:-P

1)I HATE black ink...I mean really can't stand using it...lately all the things I have to fill out require black ink and that makes me cringe.

2)I love music and I listen to it LOUDLY..probably to drown out my own voice because I have to sing along.

3)I can't STAND Elvis...no hate mail please:-)...his voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me.

4)I get lost all the time. My excuse here is I am new to Oklahoma but I grew up in Florida and still got lost.

5)I don't really understand football but I am trying. I figured I moved to a place where football is a religion that I HAVE to like it.

6)I love things to be clean and in order BUT if they are in a closet or drawer I don't care..I mean really don't care.

7)We quote Seinfeld as a family;-) Sad huh?

8)I refuse to wear glasses so I can't see half the time.

9)I hate shopping:-D I know most women love to go shopping but not me! I hate it and GASP I don't care about shoes either...see I really AM weird:-D

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BarBarA said...

oh my gosh, no wonder we have so much in common! Including our names! I think I will take this idea and use it on my blog today.