Help Save the McRib:-)

I am off work today and trying NOT to think so here is something to keep my mind occupied;-) As I was out and about this morning I saw a sign about the McRib...looks like they are going to discontinue it!! THEY CAN'T! I love the McRib and it is the ONLY thing at McDonald's that I really really like lol I do like the fries but as far as sandwiches go I am not a big fan...BUT once a year they bring back the McRib and the kids don't have to beg to go to McDonald's:-) So I am asking ya'll to PLEASE go and sign the petition to save the McRib....yes I really am trying NOT to think today lol First this website will tell you about the BPFAA and how this will effect them and their families...see you HAVE to do something!! The Boneless Pig Farmers are counting on you! You CAN make a difference!! Here is the petition McRib Farewell Tour II :-D

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The Crib Chick said...

ROFLOL...the boneless pig farmers? ;o)

They need to have t-shirts! I'd wear one, even though I don't eat McRibs!