Christmas Trees

It is that time of year again to think about putting up a tree. The top picture is a picture of my "old" tree...It was a HUGE tree! I had to leave it behind when I moved because I just couldn't fit everything in the Uhaul...I figured I would buy a real tree this year but with my oldest sons allergies/asthma I decided against that. So last night I went to look at real fake trees and remembered they come with a pretty price tag too:-) So I settled for a 6 1/2 ft scrawny looking tree...kind of looks like the bottom picture...I guess now I need to look for the blanket to put around the bottom;-)

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Sarah said...

Barbie, it is not the tree that counts.....it is the hearts that surround it.... and I should say..yours is a beautiful heart that is pointed in the right direction... CHRIST~