Church Again

I just realized I never updated ya'll on my church situation:-) Remember a couple of months ago I posted about my Church Woes? Well, I continued going to the AOG church and now it just feels like home. I can't imagine NOT going and I LOVE the preaching. I am getting so much out of it:-) I also love that the church shares property with the high school I work at...funny thing is I really didn't know the first time I went until the pastor mentioned the high school lol When I went outside I thought OMGosh that is the one I work at but they are on different streets so I didn't know....I told you I am directionally challenged! So the teens in the church are the same ones I see all week. I also just love the people. Today alone everyone wanted to make sure I had Thanksgiving plans and were all so willing to include me AND my 3 children that I was just amazed. I can't count the times back home we spent holidays alone BECAUSE I have children! I am the youngest of 7 and because I am the youngest I am the only one with LITTLE kids lol All their kids are grown and have kids of their own so they didn't include me because of things like... oh white carpet, houses that aren't child proofed or just wanting "adult" time...I am not as bitter as I sound but only share that to show you how TOUCHED I am that people would think to include me. I am so thankful that I have a "family" here...really really thankful:-) So I am overdo in telling you that I do have a church and I am grateful for the friends that I have made there. I am thankful for the little things like the phone calls when we miss a service to make sure we are ok and don't need anything...those things so touch my heart. I thought the holidays would be so lonely since my family is so far away but God has truly blessed me. God really IS good ALL the time:-D

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