Food, Fun and Fellowship

I just had my third Thankgiving dinner this year and I think I am officially finished with turkey products for another year:-) My friend is an amazing cook so I think I overdid it on the food cuz I am STILL stuffed! To be honest I wasn't sure how I was going to feel this year since it is my first away from my family and without my dh. Instead of being lonely I was blessed to be able to celebrate TWICE! Thursday I had people I barely know over for almost 9hrs and THAT was interesting to say the least lol Then today I was honored to be included in a friends Thanksgiving Day with her family. I also got to experience my first Bedlam game with diehard OU fans and OU WON!! That was actually fun and the best part of the whole evening was during this game....oh yeah I am going to tell the story:-P My friend was starting to get stressed towards the end of the game and kept moving around and at one point they showed an old play on TV and she thought it was one from today's game and started jumping up and down cheering...oh my gosh THAT was funny;-) I am STILL laughing! My kids had such a great time too and not one time have they mentioned Florida....So I made it through my first holiday as a single Mom and it wasn't that bad...ok it was a little rough but it wasn't lonely...For that I am BEYOND thankful.

Thank you Father for friends that help make this easier...for friends that remind you that there really IS good in this world...for friends that lift your spirit and ALWAYS point me back to You because You are the only one that can give me peace...thank you for answering my prayer...you knew what I needed and you provided....just like always...thank you Father for loving me that much...

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