Where HAVE I been??!!!

Oh dear it has been over a month! I didn't plan to take a bloggy break but there it was lol I don't even know where to begin to tell you what is going on in my heart or what has all happened. My heart is just so full and overwhelmed with the future that I don't know how to express it all...I guess I can try but first I want highlight a couple of cool things that happened that I just HAVE to share:-) My birthday was on Saturday! I am 39 for those wondering;-) A very YOUNG 39! Seriously age does NOT bother me and I am counting the days till I am 40! I swear I have lived a lot for my short 39 yrs that some days I feel much older! I had the most AMAZING birthday because I truly have the most amazing friends. My dear friend, Cheryl, who can be seen here picked me up Saturday and we spent the afternoon together. THAT is ALWAYS fun! She dropped me off at my house and then her and a couple of friends stopped by with gifts and to pick me back up for dinner! The best part of the gifts is that they KNOW me! It wasn't WHAT they bought that touched me as much as how much they knew ME...They knew what would make me smile:-) Then we all went to my favorite restaurant Carrabbas and I ate a TON!! Someone took pictures so if I get them I will post them. I have beautiful friends! Misty even made a mocha cake with chocolate covered coffee beans (I have a new coffee obsession!) that was to die for!! We ate and laughed and shared...it was amazing! Then we went to a place to eat gelatos and stayed till the place closed. I can't describe what happened next but I can say the presence of God was there and the anointing was just flowing off of Cheryl..I think at one point she was preaching lol I would say that the ladies that came all know ME but they didn't really KNOW each other...till now! They knew Cheryl but she works at the church so that is a given..they just didn't all know each other lol They are a select group of women and God put all of them in my life for a purpose. They figured out that they have a LOT more in common than they knew and I believe even our gifts compliment each other! It is just SO God!! And I believe God is going to use all of us together in ways we can't even imagine. That night will be the first of many! I sat there that night feeling SO blessed because I never knew this was possible. When I moved here 2yrs ago my heart was so badly hurt that I didn't think I would ever let down the walls I had up! I have been hurt so much in my life by people that were supposed to love me that I didn't think I would get to this point. My connection with Cheryl was almost immediate. She is the Pastors assistant so we met right after I moved here. I didn't let down my walls right away but I found myself unable to hide ANYTHING with her. I would just open my mouth and out would come things I never shared with ANYone! I know it is the anointing that she has on her and one of the reasons I allowed her to counsel me..this was before we became close friends and now the counseling is a thing of the past... BUT she is still a mentor and someone I would accept advice from in a heartbeat. She is a sister and our relationship isn't even one I can explain to anyone. She knows how I will react to things before they happen and I know how she is feeling when she isn't even around. It is totally a God thing and I KNOW our friendship was God ordained from the beginning. Somewhere in the beginning of her counsel she taught me how to open up my heart and let down walls...then came in the other women that were there that night. When I let down my walls something wonderful happened and I was able to form some healthy friendships with some AMAZING women. I consider some of them family and that isn't something I take lightly! I have been through some horrible things this year but not one time was I alone. Not one time! I have learned some valuable things from these ladies and I hope that they can say the same about me. I just know that when God orchestrates friendships they are beyond anything I could have ever imagined!! I am so blessed!! Ok that ended up being longer than I expected so I will share ONE more thing and then I will have to post another day about what is on my heart..it's heavy for sure but I don't know what to do with it! Anyway, another post for another day. Soooo the last thing I will share is I was "jingled" yesterday and I have never even heard of it!!! I came home to my entire yard decorated in lights!! Some little elves came over and put lights and bows around my garage and in my crepe myrtle tree. There are candy canes that are lit up in the walk and a wreath with lights on the brick next to my front door!! It was the coolest thing!! They left a note that said "you have been jingled...the elves...hahaha" lol Isn't that cute??!! I am so afraid of heights so that would not have happened otherwise lol I am just so blessed and I have no idea why! God is good ALL the time...even in the bad He is still God and still there...THAT I HAVE learned this year:-)

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Happy Birthday.