Because I am practical

I will share with you my FAVORITE gift!!

Yeah I am that girl...I am the one that will do a happy dance for a vacuum cleaner! I am the person who will spend Christmas Eve day helping clean someones house because I enjoy it!

This morning has been such a blessing to me and not because of the things we got but because what today is about...today we celebrate the birth of MY Savior:-) Is there really a better gift??

I also got to watch my children open gifts that they picked up for each other. Honestly I hadn't even seen them till this morning!! My dear friend that LOVES shopping (thank you Cheryl!!) wanted to take my kids one on one to the store to shop. She spent an ENTIRE Saturday doing it! I am not kidding!! She was gone almost 11 hrs on a Saturday with an air cast!!! I only gave her $200 to shop with and I am pretty sure she blew that budget!! If you are reading...we need to talk;-)The coolest thing is they picked out gifts for each other and for me! And they are just such thoughtful gifts!! They were hugging every time...oh I think I have pics!! Anyway, they had the best time!! In a couple of years they won't remember the gifts they received but they will remember the shopping and wrapping and the time spent with our "family"...we have already done Christmas twice and we still have one more place to go for dinner. I am so blessed and so thankful that God is the center of our home. I am so thankful for my children and their attitude of gratitude. They know God has provided us with every thing we have and they are as thankful as I am...THAT is a gift!


Jesica said...

my goodness I miss you guys.

Merry Christmas, my friend. I love you.

Ame said...


Ame said...

and when your directionally challenged driving lands you in texas, PLEASE make sure your vacuum cleaner is in your car! my house needs a visit from you :)