Christmas Came Early!!

OMWORD my kids are so excited and SO AM I!!
Look what my friends bought my kids for Christmas!!!

First aren't my babies cute??
They have no clue what they are fixing to open

Its a Wii!!! If you don't know my daughter that look on her face is her planning...what is probably going through her head is where the Wii will be located and what the playing schedule will be!!

Ok so I knew about their surprise so I was just thrilled to see their faces...BUT here is MY surprise!! I had NO CLUE about this one!!

Here I am opening my gift totally cracking up because her husband was telling me it was a Christmas sweater with reindeer and stuff on it. Goofy man!! I told him it was too heavy but I still had NO CLUE!!

This is what it was!! Omword I have wanted one of these!!!

I think I am more excited than the kids...ok maybe not because I am on here blogging and they are hooking it up to play lol I can't wait to try it!!!


Jesica said...



I'm happy for y'all! And so jealous - we got the Wii, but I didn't get the Fit I wanted.

Kayla said...

I'll come to your house.

Ame said...

this is SO cool!!!