Something I never thought I would do

First I will tell you I believe in debt free living so I don't have credit cards and I don't like creating extra expenses. I have regular tv with rabbit ears with foil and dial up if that tells you anything! You could call me cheap but I am also very generous so I don't fit in just one category lol I am cheap with myself but will give you the shirt off my back if that helps explain me a little better:-) I know I am hard to explain and I have one person in my life:::::::::waving to Merci::::::::::that I think has given up so she just says "that is so Barbie"....I never know if that is good or not;-) Anyway, rewind to Saturday and I am so excited that football has started and I get to see OU play!! Then I realize they are on cable and I have antennas on my tv with foil lol...BOOOOO!!!!!....so I make plans with a friend that has Dish to go over her house and watch the game. Her husband was taking my boys to see a wrestling match so it worked out...oh and I needed to color my hair and she is a hairdresser so YAY for me lol So her and I hit Crest to buy football food and go back to her house and get ready...I am watching the time because I AM SO EXCITED! Then I find out it isn't on DISH! Stupid Dish people!! So I had to listen to it on the radio...I can't tell you how sad I was...oh wait yes I can because this is the conversation I had on Sunday.

Cox--hello can I help you?
me--yes I couldn't watch the OU game last night and that is unacceptable!
cox--laughing...we can help you with that
me--PLEASE DO IT NOW so this doesn't happen again EVER
cox--no problem ma'am...I see you already have phone with us so all I have to do it add cable and would you like highspeed?
me--I just want to see OU but how much?
cox--quotes some ridiculously low price
me--are you kidding? can you be here TODAY?
cox-no lol but we can be there during the week before the next OU game
me--that would be great but I work:-( do you have anything on the weekend?
cox--how about Saturday between 12-3?
me--hmm the game comes on at 11 but it is on ABC...hmm that is my dd birthday...hmm SURE lol
more info and we hang up

CAN YOU BELIEVE I just got cable for FOOTBALL?? ME?? the person who didn't even know what the line of scrimmage was...in my defense it kept moving and I am NOT kidding about that lol... I also had no clue what a down was or how many there were and I know I was a cheerleader in highschool but that didn't mean I knew what I was cheering for! We had a captain and we just cheered. Still last year I thought I would watch and see what the big deal was because the town closes down for football... here I am a year later getting cable and I am doing it for FOOTBALL!! Oh my word I AM an Okie:-P I may not be an Okie by birth but I sure am by choice:-D And I wouldn't change it because I LOVE it here:-D

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Robin said...

First of all, you crack me up. Secondly, we're so addicted to TiVo that my kids don't understand why, when we are watching something "live" I can't fast forward through all of the commercials.

I'm fairly cheap with myself too. Frankly, the reason I haven't had my hair cut short is b/c I won't spend the money to keep that way. When it's long I only see a stylist a couple of times a year!