It has been a long day and I really am without words so maybe this will explain some..see the needles in this one? that is the ones they used to test my sons allergies. The scratch test didn't show anything so they did the needles under the skin...
all I will say is it looked painful:-(
This is Mr Stud showing off the writing on his arms
This is right after the injections..ouch:(

It truly didn't take long for him to start reacting...
this is the left arm

This arm has the dust, trees and grasses..obviously this is the right

They did some other tests and Monday they will test him for Cystic fibrosis
That is really all I can say right now...thanks for the prayers.


Grace @ Rose Cottage Lane said...

Barbie - I know it must be awful to have to watch your baby go through these tests. My prayers to the Father, in agreement with yours, for healing and peace.

Many blessings!

ame said...

My best friend's son and husband look like this when they're allergy tested ... and have the severe asthema, too ... their house is practically a pharmacy in itself ;) They, too, went thru the CF testing ... that is really hard for Momma. Thinking about you ...