How rude!

Are people really to busy to be nice?? Today I was trying to forget that it was a holiday because they are still hard for me. One day I will get over it:-/ I had some errands to run and I needed to pick up an answering machine because once I have highspeed my home phone will actually ring...did you hear I am getting cable and highspeed? ;-) FOR FOOTBALL!! While running around the kids wanted to stop and get dinner at this little hole in the wall restaurant they like. When we got there the place was closed because of the stupid holiday BUT there was a cell phone in the parking lot so I picked it up. I called the home number and left a message that I had their cell and to call it and we could figure out how to get it back to them. I couldn't leave it at the restaurant because they were closed. We ended up trying out a different one that some friends suggested and that was even better because OH MY WORD THEY HAVE FRIED CHICKEN LIVERS!!! <----that was my middle child lol As we are driving home the owner of the cellphone called and just said "meet me at waffle house" and I explained that I have NO idea where that is and she needed to give me some directions. After telling her that I was near the Starbucks (I was so getting Starbucks) on Rockwell and NW Expressway she said she would meet me at Target. So I wait and wait and wait some more while sitting on the red benches with my 3 kids and 2 Target employees....If you know me I can't sit anywhere without becoming friends with whoever is sitting next to me and finding out their life story...I am so annoying like that! Anyway, the owner of the cell phone drives up and calls her cell ...when she sees I have it she hangs up and opens her car window and just takes it...she said NOTHING. My kids who were so tired of waiting said "now can we go home" and I told them that we could since she had her cell and the Target girl who is my new bff said "did you even know her?" so I explained I didn't but we had found the cell in a parking lot and I wanted her to have it back because *I* would be lost without my cellphone...can you imagine??!! Oh I can't even think about it lol All of a sudden the Target girl was upset FOR me and started fussing that the girl should have at least said thank you or something. The other Target girl said "well I KNOW God will bless you for that" and I told her that He has already blessed me greatly and even if I spent the rest of my life trying I could never thank Him enough for the things He has done.... But I don't know why rudeness still surprises me:-(

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Clemntine said...

Well, I for one would like to thank you for doing the right thing, even when it was a pain. Your kids are learning how to behave, and, by the example of the cell phone owner, how NOT to behave. I'm sure that gal has no idea how her actions made you all feel, but your kids have a memory now of what it feels like to be taken for granted. GREAT lesson!

I'm sorry I missed your call earlier. I'm sure we'll talk soon, though.