Here I am...

My hand is still broken but I am getting used to it:-) It is hard to be right handed and not able to use your right hand!! Some of you have asked how I have been and what I have been up to and rather than trying to answer separate emails I will tell you here.....On Sept 5th I broke a bone in my right hand. It is not an interesting story so just use your imagination;-) I could have been skateboarding or playing football or something else fun or I could have just been in the wrong place..you decide:-P Because I am a single Mom that needs her right hand to work I am unable to wear the proper cast so it has been interesting. I am also so not a good patient so trying not to rip everything off and use it has been hard!! And my life hasn't slowed down either!!...I have been busy but busy having fun lol Let's see if I can break it down in days

Sept 5th-broke hand
Sept 6th-oldest wasn't feeling well (asthma) so my help was gone. I decided I was hard headed so I went grocery shopping and cooked two dinners since the next day I wouldn't have time.
Sept 7th--ate the second dinner and went to church for a dance...I was doing childcare so I couldn't get out of it.
Sept 8th-Waited for the cable guy to install my highspeed (OMWORD I LOVE THIS!!) and cable while I watched OU win YAY! lol That night Auntie Jesica made the birthday dinner for my "big" 8yo
Sept 9th-church
Sept 10th-wow I think we were actually home this night doing nothing
Sept 11th-we had our new neighbor and her 4 kids over for dinner...awesome family!
Sept 12th-we had church and I met a friend at Starbucks for coffee
Sept 13th-went with my favorite person in the whole world to see her son play baseball (he did an AMAZING job!!" and then we all went out to dinner....I LOVE seeing them!! Makes my heart happy!
Sept 14th-Went with Jesica out to dinner withOUT children...her wonderful dh watched all 6 of our kids :-) Then we went shopping and of course, STARBUCKS:-D We always have fun when we go off!
Sept 15th-went to a cookout at friends and watched Facing the Giants which makes me cry every single time
Sept 16th-hey that is today!! I worked in the infant room at church with 5 babies under 6 months:-) SO MUCH FUN!

I think that should catch everyone up...Oh my oldest is seeing a specialist in the morning because of the incident in Florida if you want to send up prayers....hopefully they can figure out what caused his esophagus to close so he couldn't swallow:-/ Thanks for asking. Hopefully my hand will heal quickly so I can type without pain...until then I am stubborn so I will be ok:-P


ame said...

LOVE it :)

Thanks for the update :)

Been wanting to call when I get settled ... just that getting settled is taking soooooooo much longer than I could have EVER imagined!!!!!!!

paul said...

I was wondering what was going on with you! Heal quickly!

Sarah said...

Sending prayers for your son, and wishing you'd have been at least doing something exciting when you broke your bone ;-)

martie said...

Sorry to hear you are still in pain....hoping and praying that it heals quickly.

And about all the allergy testing.....went through that with my son many years ago and so not fun!

About cystic fibrosis......don't let this scare you. My niece was diagosed with this and will turn 39 this coming Jan. She has had many different hospitalizations and is on constant antibiotics, but has otherwise lived a full and happy life! Her daughter just went off to Japan for a year of studies at a University there as an exchange student.

Praying for all of you!