Loratadine 10mg... $27.59
ProAir (200 puffs) 8.5gm ...$122.89
Advair 250/50 ...$210.99
Pataday.2% 2.5ml ...$287.89
Nasonex 50mcg 17g ...$284.89
Albuterol 0.083%... $57.99
Prednisone 20mg ...$11.99
Epipen .3mg ...$123.99
weekly allergy shots...?? don't know yet

seeing your child breathe....priceless

**thankfully the kids are insured so I didn't pay the full price


Clemntine said...

Been thinking of you today. How'd the test go?

Sarah said...

Perfect perception....


Anonymous said...

As a mom and wife of asthmatics, boy do I understand that math lesson well!

ame said...

Amazing how quickly those meds add up ... amazing how necessary to live :)

Are the allergies better or worse in OK?

Barbie said...

Are the allergies better or worse in OK?*************

Ame-- Oklahoma is 25th on the list of worse places to live. I am sure Florida was on there also. If you can see on the pictures below trees were the worst and IMO Oklahoma has way fewer trees....Florida is covered in them! Plus mold is a huge issue for him and I don't think the humidity is close to being as bad as Florida.