Oh my!

I guess to explain why this amused me I have to give a little background. I grew up in a home with a Mom that has a strong New England accent. She grew up in Rhode Island and still takes the R's out of everything. My name is Bahh-bra to her:-) My father is from Alabama but is British and he likes to speak the "Kings English" so he uses words that aren't always used in everyday speech. I was born and raised in Florida where the majority aren't from there so I don't think *I* have an accent....Although when my stbx and I moved to South Florida from North Florida they thought we sounded like a couple of hicks so we might have a little one lol They only thought that because the further south you go in Florida the further north you are;-) That is where all the snow birds go to retire! Anyway, when I moved to Oklahoma I thought everyone had a cute little accent but I never expected to pick up any of the phrases or words that people use here. Then today at work I said POP for coke:-P Does this mean I am officially an Okie?? Where I am from we say coke for all flavors...we sometimes say soda but NEVER pop. We actually make fun of the folks that come around and ask for pop;-) Today it just rolled off my tongue like I have always said it lol Here I was having a normal conversation where I had just found out it was someone's b-day and we HAVE to celebrate because birthdays are special...it is also a great excuse for a party so while trying to do an actual job we managed to plan a party for tomorrow. It seriously cracked me up though because it like it was so normal when I said "I will make a cake tonight and I can pick up some ice cream and pop at the store" Then I started laughing at myself because I SAID POP:-P I don't even know where I picked it up from either but it must have been somewhere. Ok I just had to share because it made me laugh:-D


martie said...

This is funny! I am in southwest Michigan and I have always lived here and I call it soda! People look at me like I'm crazy......if I am speaking of a certain kind, such as coke, pepesi, sprite, I will say that but usually I just ask if they want a soda! Most cll it POP here too! ;)

paul said...

I grew up in Missouri with "pop." I was in a group here in TN Friday night and someone said, "put that in your pipe and smoke it" and I was the only other person that had heard that phrase. It is funny how we grow up in different parts of the country using different words for things and different expressions. I hear that up north a water fountain is a "bubbler."

Be careful...that OK language just takes over the brain.

educat said...

I'm so Okie I had members of my family in the land run that forced out the Native American part of my family and it's all coke to us. It's pronounced "ceeewwwwke".

My Missouri relatives say so-dee. I'm not even kidding.