I know they aren't the greatest of pics but my camera was being fussy on Wednesday! or it was me lol
My babies started school! They are in 8th, 5th and 2nd:-) I would have posted sooner but I don't think I have had time to stop long enough to do it! I also don't know what I did all summer but I don't think it involved long periods of standing because my legs are killing me...does this mean I am old? :-) Anyway, they started on Wednesday and that is a busy day during the school year for us...somehow I have to get kids home, homework finished, fed and ready for church on time but I am not complaining because I wouldn't trade my job for the world!! I missed them so much this summer that even when I am crazy busy I am enjoying every minute with them. Thursday my boys went with the men at church for GUY NIGHT (you have to yell it) so I had to rush to get them fed and delivered on time. Then I came home and ate ice cream in bed with my daughter while watching Little House episodes and laughing. Sunday night we are having another girls night while the boys go to watch wrestling with a friends dh. Fun times! Ok off to work I go for another round with 2000+ teenagers...how blessed am I??!!! Seriously I LOVE my job!


paul said...

Welcome back to school! I hope the kids (and you) have a great year. Get those legs in shape and don't ever believe you are old.

We are starting a series of lessons next week in Bible class called Little House on the Prarieisms. It is a little theology based on prarie wisdom. I can't wait to see what comes out of that!

Robin said...

Somehow I've missed what it is that you do, b ut I'm glad you love it. My oldest starts kinder on Wed. I could just cry. It's gone by too fast!