Some weeks....

I hate being a woman
I hate hormones and feeling crazy
I hate being a single Mom
I hate that I have to do this alone
I hate that there is not enough hours in a week
THIS is one of those weeks
Just to show you how crazy *I* am this was my day TODAY
I woke up which was my first mistake
I got three kids off to school
I went to work
I rushed home because I needed to be somewhere by 4
I picked up the kids and rushed oldest to the Dentist..ok I took all three with me but only one needed to be seen:-)
Sat at the dentist for over an hour
stopped at Starbucks for a coffee for me and a frap for oldest who was numb and not wanting to eat yet
picked up a bucket of chicken for younger two since I needed to be at school at 6:30
came home and started dinner

Did you catch that? I cooked dinner AFTER I picked up dinner! YES I DID! THAT is how insane I am right now!! I literally sat the food down on the table and started dinner and my middle child said "what about the food you just bought?"
So we had two dinners tonight:-/
Tomorrow has to be better right??


Sarah said...

Oh wow, I thought I was the only crazy person who did things like that. lol
Praying for you, for His strength to carry you!
I have a foot shaped key chain with the footprints saying on it, just to remind me that He always gets me through.

Robin said...

I'm so sorry. I've had many days like that since I started back to work last Jan. One day at a time sister, one day at a time!

paul said...

You are pushing a little too hard, don't you think?

A Dusty Frame said...

Well, I'm laughing not because it's funny--just because I KNOW how you feel.

I mess things up quite a bit. Twice this month I've forgotten that someone said they bought me a book I needed and I bought it. Then they sent it to me and I'd think "wow girl! You're losing it."