Sunday Ramblings

Last night was so NOT fun! The weather radio went off at 3am, 3:15am and 3:45am:::::::::: YAWN! ::::::::::Then my power went out at 5am and didn't come back on till 10am. I only heard it go off because I had turned on the tv to see where the stupid tornado was so when the tv went off I woke up. The wind was kicking too so it was hard to sleep after that. We ended up missing church this morning. I know it isn't a great excuse but my hair takes forever to dry and I can't go without a shower in the morning. So I have been sitting here trying to get stuff done before the new week starts. This will be our first full week at school:-) Speaking of school check out the new school shoes...new shoes on my kids make me happy:-)

Just so you don't miss the cuteness on mine here is the side view lol

Payless had the BOGO 1/2 off sale so I splurged on me too:-) You kind of have to buy 4 to get half off on two...that's my story and I'm sticking to it:-)

I guess that it all I wanted to ramble about...I was hoping this coffee would kick in so I could finish cleaning but I think a nap is in order instead. As my favorite person would say "Sunday naps are sacred" so I think I will take her advice. BTW if you are ever at Starbucks try ordering a white chocolate mocha with a shot of caramel...YUMMY! It is like turtle candy! Have a wonderful Sunday!

Oh one more random thought....do NOT get a pedicure if you have a broken toe because you just may want to kick the person when she goes to crack your toes;-)


paul said...

Nice shoes! I'll keep the pedicure advice in mind...thanks. :)

martie said...

Thanks for the pedicure tip...not that I would ever get one...my feet are way too ticklish to have anyone besides me touch them!

New shoes are always nice...no matter how old you are.

Sunday naps are sacred....especially when you've been awakend a gazillion times Saturday night! LOL ;)