Here are some updates on my friends...

Jesica had the surgery and is home now. God is good and her rather large tumor was encapsulated so they were able to remove it withOUT affecting her other organs...that was totally God! She is home and someone is flying in to help with the kids so her dh can work....again totally God! She will start chemo in a couple of weeks so please continue to pray for this 31yo Mom of 3 for complete healing.

Merci's Dad is going in for an appt with a super specialist today. Things don't look good right now but God is still God and I am praying hard for a miracle. You can read the update here.....Spit Out The Cat: Well, Wow Please please please keep this family in your prayers...they mean SO MUCH to me. I can't imagine the pain they are going through either.

You can also add my oldest to the list because he is sick...again. It's his lungs. We did breathing treatments yesterday and he is on antibiotics. I know this is hard on him too.

Oh and selfishly *I* need prayers. I need to be strong for everyone and I am so not... God is my rock and the only reason I haven't laid down and given up. I HATE seeing people hurt and I take all of this to heart because that is my gift...it doesn't always feel like a gift:-/ I just love them all so much and I HATE THIS. When I got the news about Merci's Dad I literally felt sick. I needed to have an ugly cry but I didn't want to scare my kids so I went to the prayer room at church and sat with my Father and bawled for over an hour alone. I stayed till I felt peace but it doesn't last long before I have to go running back to His arms...how do people do this without God?? I am so glad I don't have to.

Thank you all for your prayers and the emails letting me know you are praying. I appreciate it more than you know.


Clemntine said...

Things like this are proof that humans were not originally designed to suffer. In our created state, in perfect communion with God, there was no illness, no death, no separation. Living with the consequences of being fallen is heartbreaking, and it gives us such a longing for restoration. In heaven, with God, all is as He originally designed it to be. Even these difficulties point to God's sovereignty and holiness. Of course, God, through His Word and the ministry of His Spirit is our only hope in this sin-sick world.

Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

Jesica said...

I'm sorry I'm part of your pain. You know I'd be fixing things for YOU if I could.

Thank you for your friendship and prayer. Ilove you

Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

Sorry I haven't read lately. Busy, busy. So, hows that "oklahoma" weather for you? LOL

I moved to a different part of OK than I was so it's just a tad different.