Update #3

This is the latest...thank you again for your prayers! I KNOW they are working!!
First, thanks again for all your prayers and encouragement! And thanks to all of you wonderful AWANA volunteers for holding down the fort for us last night so we could be where we needed to be. We are grateful!

The latest news is that Dad is still in ICU but may move to an intermediate care unit today after they remove the drain from his head. He won't move to a regular floor for a little while yet and not until they remove his lumbar drain. God answered prayer yesterday about his swallowing difficulties. We were told that he had been aspirating food into his lungs since before the surgery. Further tests revealed that was NOT the case. He also did not aspirate his pills in the hospital - they did make it to the stomach so he only aspirated a little water and ice chips. MUCH better than aspirating solids!! The water will eventually reabsorb into his lungs and they just have to keep him up and coughing and moving as much as possible to prevent aspiration pneumonia. The doctor told us that his swallowing issues may take a few weeks to resolve and to be patient. Until then, he'll be on a liquid diet through his feeding tube. He'll also have a physical therapy evaluation and session every day to evaluate his movement and begin relearning whatever is necessary re: walking and using his right hand. He is still in a lot of pain and not able to sleep much.

Current/most urgent prayer needs:

That the pain would become more tolerable
That he would be able to sleep (going on 24 hours now with about 3 hours total)
That he wouldn't develop pneumonia

Thank you again for your love, encouragement, support and most of all, your prayers.
Our God is faithful.


Sarah said...

OK ... praying, praying, praying... Lifting all of you to the Lord!

Jesica said...

to paraphrase the Nemo movie ... lol ...

just keep praying, just keep praying.

I'm on it :)