Spring Break Ramblings

Before I start rambling I want to THANK YOU all for praying for my friends...you can continue to get updates on their blogs
Things continue to change and we are all having to hold onto the fact that God never changes and will continue to hold us through this...even when it hurts and even when we are angry

Ok here ya go with some bored ramblings lol

I have HORRIBLE timing and I am sick...not just a little sick but pneumonia, sinus infection and pleurisy....I hate asthma and what it does to you.

Steroids make me hungry and I will go to the store to buy things like guacamole when I see a commercial..I am an advertisers dream.

Birthday parties do not cease to happen because Mama is sick....especially when you are single! Amazing what guilt can do:-/

the sermon on Sunday was AMAZING and you must listen to it!!
Here is the link Lakeside Assembly of God - Oklahoma City Church.....oops I just checked and they haven't updated to this weeks sermon but when they do it was AWESOME! Oh and the best part FIVE people accepted Christ on Sunday:-)

I love Spring Break even when I am sick lol Sleeping in is the best!

I LOVE my kids so much and who they are growing up to be....oh here is a rabbit trail but on Feb 13th I stood in youth service and watched my oldest praising Jesus with everything in him...I looked at my friend next to me and said "that right there made EVERYTHING we have gone through worth it"...I know that I know that I know this is a direct result of being in God's will. God brought us here and He hasn't left us:-) He is so faithful.

I was so excited to break out the capris till I realized they don't fit me anymore...this would be great if I liked shopping but I don't...at least they will be a size or two smaller than last year;-) still only 20lbs lost but I WILL lose the last 10 if it kills me!

I am going to Florida this summer and I am actually excited to see some old friends and family. I know I will be happy to come back but visiting will be nice.

The ex and I have had some really pleasant conversations and that has been really NICE.

I have the most amazing amazing friends and I am so thankful to God for putting them in my life.

I am getting my haircut this week and *I didn't schedule the appt lol Thanks Kayla!! I am so spoiled.

I am also going to lunch with someone I really admire and love. She is a also a gift from God.

I am happy....I am truly happy. I love my life. Yes, there are bad things happening to people I love and that hurts beyond measure but I have Someone that I can run too.....and I have peace:-) The peace is new but I am sure it has always been there for the taking.



Sarah said...

All the time indeed~ And praise Him for all that He gave to provide that to US!

Ame said...


My name is Kayla said...

O you are welcome, like your hair.