Update on surgery

Sorry it took so long to update but it was a LONG surgery and an even LONGER day. I have to tell you that Merci's Dad is so loved and has touched so many peoples lives that the waiting room was packed!!! I think we took up almost all the chairs lol The waiting was hard and seeing people you love hurt is unbearable. Merci was amazing and held it together and took all the phone calls from the Dr and stayed strong for her Mom...only God could have done that so I KNOW where she gets her strength from. Anyway, we got the BEST news because the tumor is BENIGN!!! It is a rare tumor called a schwannoma. I am just amazed and soooooooooo thankful...God is so good and we are so blessed. Thank you all for praying. I am going to sleep sooooooooo good tonight!! Oh thank you Jesus for another miracle!! And thank you guys for praying for those that I love so much. Oh I am so happy and I just can't stop praising Jesus!! Yeah I am Assembly of God lol BUT just look what the Lord has done...He healed his body....ok I need to go thank my Father and go to bed! I am giddy and exahusted all at the same time lol Thanks again!!!


Sarah said...

God IS the great Healer and miracle worker!
Singing praises to Him tonight and will continue in prayer for Merci and her dad and family for the healing process!
Standing in the gap and praying is awesome !

Jesica said...

Who's still in the miracle business? GOD is still in the miracle business.

He is soooo good!

Thanking God (still) for Merci's great great news!!

Thank you, Jesus!

Barbie said...

Yes He is Jesica!!! Thank you for caring so much! I know I was bawling when I called but I was just so overwhelmed with thankfulness...I can't even tell you how thrilled I am that God is taking care of you and Merci's Dad like He is...you guys are gonna be great and to God be ALL the glory!!