My big boy!!

11 years ago I was at the Drs for a routine appt. I wasn't feeling anything but a lot of pressure which they assured me was normal for a 2nd pregnancy. My dh dropped me off and was going to run an errand and then pick me up. I wasn't in there long when the Dr said "ok you need to go straight to the hospital because you are 5cm"...I remember getting excited because I was half way done and hadn't felt a thing lol I paged my dh and off we went. I wasn't in labor so it was a LONG night of waiting. I walked up and down the stairs trying to jump start something lol I wanted to go home but we lived so far away that I couldn't. On the 18th I demanded to go home so they induced my labor...you don't argue with a really pregnant woman;-) One hour and 45 min later I saw the cutest little boy with a head full of RED hair! He is my joy. He is the one I call my blessing because we had been trying for a long time and had already lost a few including his twin:( He still is my blessing and makes me laugh DAILY. Sure he is louder than the other two but that is his personality and I wouldn't change a thing about him;-) I will try to remember that in 30 min when I have a house full of LOUD children eating cake and screaming about wrestling. I will try to take a pic because I think I bought the world's largest cake! What was I thinking???!! Happy Birthday Baby Boy!!

***update...here is the cake but I had to stand in a chair to get the whole thing lol If you look closely you will see wrestling guys mixed with the dinosaurs because somehow that makes sense to him :-D


mjalfaro said...

Dinosaurs with ANYTHING makes sense!! haha Did Matthew happen to show Christian the 600+ dinosaurs he's been collecting since he was 2 years old???!!!! No wonder they have so much in common!

My name is Kayla said...

I think Wrestling doesn't make any sense at all. That's my opinion.