Remember this guy from Ghostbusters?? This is what I am going to look like this winter with a million layers of clothes on! It is ONLY Fall and we have seen our first freeze...yeah yeah I know that is nothing to ya'll but it is 88 degrees in my hometown right now! That I am used to! I was sooooo cold last night that I skipped church this morning. I didn't want to get out of bed!! I don't even want to leave the house lol I did have to run and get something this morning and I put on 2 sweaters and a jacket. As I am looking around people are in short sleeves..are these people insane?? Yesterday we had a wind advisory and the wind was blowing so hard I thought it would knock ME over! My oldest said he had never seen wind like that without a name attached to it lol he is referring to the tropical storms:-) I am sure I will get used to it and be one of those insane people with short sleeves on but right now OH. MY. WORD. it is COLD! I still love it here and wouldn't trade it for the world...so if you are in Oklahoma and you see this person with Florida tags on her car don't point and laugh when you see how overdressed her and her children are:-)

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