Guess what I did today?? I was in a twinkie eating contest lol Funny part is I don't even like twinkies but I don't back down to a challenge:-) I am also one of those weird people that can eat anything even if I don't like it..you would never know if you were a bad cook and I was just faking it lol Wait if I ask for the recipe it is because I DO like it so don't everyone panic at once:-) I only lost by one and to show my good sportmanship I smashed that one in the challengers face...yeah it was in fun so don't think I have lost my mind :-P It was so funny and I had twinkie cream up my nose from cramming them in my mouth..I thought I was going to choke cuz they are soooo dry...nasty little things:-P That and we were all laughing so hard! See why I like my job? Who else can go to work and enter a twinkie eating contest while being cheered on by hundreds of people. Go Twinkie Power;-)


Lynn said...

Ok where do you work and are there any openings? LOL

Anonymous said...

TOO FUNNY!!! Where is the photo of this????

I read here but don't always comment!