My southern is showing today:-) Today is the first offical day of fall break...today I am wanting to take care of some things around the house that I have neglected so we are staying home..well, the trip to Wal-Mart does count but NOW we are home for the night;-) It is pretty chilly outside to ME...I know the folks here are laughing but right now in my hometown in Florida it is 82 degrees so a WINDY 55 is chilly. I don't know how long it will take me to get used to the wind but I do know I will probably cut all my hair off before winter is over lol One thing that cold weather does is make me want to cook. Not just baking but real southern cooking. So tonight for dinner I am cooking up a mess of greens with some extra turnip roots cuz we ALL love them, a big ole pot of beans cooked in pig parts:::big grin::::and some sweet cornbread to soak up the pot liquor...oh and for our belly washer we will have some real sweet tea...not this stuff they try to pass off as sweet tea in Oklahoma:-D Later tonight we will enjoy our first fire in the fireplace..I bought some wood in a bag so don't be too impressed...OH and we will watch Over the Hedge with some hot cocoa...Just a quiet night with the kids and I...something I think we have all needed...I only share because I just know how interested some of you are in the boring happenings in our day to day life;-)

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Lynn said...

Supper sounds yummy to this Texan! I know your house smells good about now. From the supper cooking to the fireplace smells. It sounds like you are doing better everyday although I know you still have your meltdowns I'm sure. It is a little warmer here than where you are. It is down from the 90's to 66. I am actually ready to snuggle in for a little winter weather. Enjoy your break.