I know it has been a week lol What can I say? my life is insane;-) Here is the play by play because I don't have time to answer ALL of the emails in my inbox lol Last week seems like a blur. My oldest has asthma and not just asthma but ASTHMA. He doesn't just have the kind you treat with an inhaler he has the kind that requires the nebulizer to be pulled out. Sometimes it gets so bad that I have to take him to the Dr and one time the DR called 911! Its a little freaky when a Dr calls 911 and your son is taken in an ambulance. Last week he had problems breathing so sleeping was a luxury.
I think Monday and Tuesday we did very little outside of the home.
Wed we went to church.
Thursday I had to pull him out of school but I had a meeting I couldn't get out of so a friend came over to babysit all of my kids.
Friday I had to pull him out again for neb treatments so I took him to the Dr for steroids.
Saturday he was doing much better. I had a million errands to run before their Daddy moved into town on Sunday...I will give you a minute to let that soak in:-)...Saturday I also had several inches cut off of my hair. It is SHORT for me. It was to the middle of my back and now it is just above my shoulders.
Sunday we all got up and went to church and then went to the store. The kids wanted to bake a cake for their Dad since today is his birthday. Oh wait I haven't told ya'll about all of that have I? The kids Dad decided that 1200 miles was too far so he quit his job and moved out here. He is staying in a hotel around the corner till he figures out the rest of his plan. For us it is life as normal and the kids have school and I have work...
Tonight (Monday) I have a meeting and I think dh is going to tag along.
Tomorrow night (Tuesday) is the Fall Festival at church.
Wed I have an appt after work and church at night.
Thursday I have a 2hr meeting after work and then a teacher conference after that.
Friday is still up in the air. I am scheduled to work but the kids are out of school so if dh can't watch them I have to take off work. I have no idea what I am doing this weekend. At some point I want to let dh be the parent and I want a night out withOUT kids:-) Ok so everyone can stop panicking I am fine...well, fine for me:-D


Sarah said...

My heart sank, I can't imagine what you must be thinking and feeling.

Lynn said...

I know this all must be confusing to you. You were so brave to venture off on your own with your children to start a new life. I hope this move of dh's is a good thing for you and does not affect your new life negatively. Lots of stuff going on with you, huh? I hope the asthma is better. That is not something to take lightly. Take care....pray for me...I'll pray for you.