I am so glad that I serve a God that just loves me for me....even with all my faults and trust me there are many! I talk too much, I worry too much, I care too much..still God loves ME! Tonight that just hit how much:**) Some days I get worried about how things are going to work out and what tomorrow holds...I worry about the holidays and my kids being so far away from family. How will they feel? how will I afford Christmas gifts? Yet God is constantly showing me ways He is taking care of me....some are very hard for me because they involve other people and I am so not good at receiving. I am a much better giver. He is still so patient and loving and He hasn't given up on me! I want to get to that point that when something bad happens that I can just sit and wait to see how God is going to take care of it...He knows my needs before I even need them! Nothing surprises God but I am not there yet. I still worry. When something bad happens I still get upset and ask God why and how and all the details of His plan. Tonight I was just thinking about all the different worries I had THIS YEAR alone...the move, the marriage, the money to move, the car, the job, the kids, the school etc...HE had a plan all along. It may not have always been easy to see but later you could look back and see His hand in it. I am just amazed at how He HAS been here for me. I just feel sooooo thankful and blessed tonight. I also feel loved. I know that may be easy for some but for me that isn't an easy thing. So tonight I just want to THANK GOD for everything. I don't need to know WHAT tomorrow holds because HE holds my tomorrow. Maybe next time I won't stress out so much:-) If not there is always the time after that.. it is a good thing His mercies are new every morning:-)

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Lynn said...

I am so much that way too. I worry too much. If I don' t have anything to worry about I get worried about that. But you are so right that we don't need to because God holds our tomorrows and our worries. You have been nothing but brave this year with all your trials and yet you are still praising your Father. His eye is on you for sure. I am glad you are feeling so grateful! I will head to Houston tomorrow after work to be with DD2 for her cerclage. The doctor has not decided which one he will perform. Keep us in your prayers.