Wow I am so lovely lol

If you have seen my car you will understand this:-) I have children that like to draw so the floor of my car is covered in books and papers. My trunk is also full of things I haven't put away yet like a carpet cleaner and box that should have been unloaded by now SO this morning when I NEED my ice scraper I can't find it....So I did what any Floridian would do and I find a spatula;-) I am seriously working hard to make a small hole to see out of so I can drive to the bus stop. See I am not just lovely I am safe too:-P When I get there I am working on clearing the window some more when a neighbor asks to borrow my "snow scraper"...imagine her surprise when she sees I have a spatula instead lol Lets forget that I am still in pajamas because I am cleaning my window with kitchen utensils! I hand it to her and start looking for my ice scraper so I can help her and I finally find it under a bunch of junk...thank God because the other wasn't working well lol We clean off her window and another neighbor asks to use it because apparently I am not the only one who wasn't prepared...my defense is I am from Florida but what is theirs? :-D


Sarah said...

Isn't this weather grand... he he... thanks for the chuckle this afternoon.... oh.... in case you are stuck out in public with no spatula... a CD case works wonders as well!

Grace @ Rose Cottage Lane said...

The day you use a spatula for an ice scraper is the day you become an official Okie in Winter!! Been there, done that! LOL

ame said...

very funny!!!

i love that you have layers in your car ... ahhh ... to not be "the only one" in this world ;)

hummm ... since i still can't get my vehicle in my garage, i probably ought to find some kind of ice scraper ... but, then again, why? i've got three spatulas!!! works for me!!!

Robin said...

While it was freezing here my friends in Texas were enjoying 78 degree weather. We could practically swim in that!

I'm not as fond of the cold as I used to be.