Oh how I love Thanksgiving.....

.....let me count the pounds
oh my word I just had the BEST ThanksgivingS! First I want to tell you how absolutely BLESSED I am to have such great friends and I know that. My SIL was going to come into town for Thanksgiving Day but plans changed at the last minute so my friend, Jesica, canceled her plans to cook us dinner...how sweet is that?? So not expected but really appreciated! I wasn't stressing because we knew we were going to celebrate on Saturday with our "family" during the game....BUT instead of just one day we got to celebrate TWICE:-) Jesica has a gift of hospitality and is the friend I can call and say "add 4 more for dinner tonight" and she can do it without batting an eye...trust me that is a HUGE gift and I have called when it was getting late and I was on her side of town and didn't feel like cooking. I do love you Jesi and not just for your cooking lol She IS Martha Stewart in the kitchen and made a HUGE spread...We got there before noon and stayed till after dark and spent most of that time eating. I am talking fruit trays, pickle and olive trays, veggies and dip, sausage and cheese trays AND thanksgiving dinner. It was THE BEST TURKEY I have ever had and that is saying a lot since I don't like turkey:-) We even ate the leftover turkey on Friday because it was SO GOOD. Then on Saturday we went over my favorite persons house for her family Thanksgiving. It is so sweet of her to include us in with her family. Talk about feeling loved! My kids even told my Mom on the phone that we were having "our real family Thanksgiving" on Saturday. She is my heart and I consider her my sister even if we aren't really related..Our kids think we fight like sisters anyway but only because we are both stubborn lol I SOOO love you Merci:**) She is also an AMAZING AMAZING cook! Oh my word I ate enough dressing for a whole family! I was down 13 lbs but I probably regained it on her dressing alone. Oh my word when she took it out of the oven I was GIDDY!! Food makes me that happy lol Oh but let me tell you when she pulled it out you could see the butter on the top! That stuff is AMAZING!! Her dh also smoked the turkey and who doesn't like smoked turkey so I was in food heaven. We ate those leftovers on Sunday so we have had turkey for FOUR days straight and enjoyed every single bite. I also had a WHOLE plate of dressing yesterday by myself. You can keep the pies because her dressing is a dessert all by itself. Most of all though it was SO nice to spend Thanksgiving with people who love you unconditionally. I know I am blessed and I pray I can be a blessing too. I love you ladies!!


ame said...


that's so awesome!

Jesica said...

that is QUITE enough of THAT, thank you very much :*)