I'm back and overwhelmed

I am here and I promise I will update as soon as I get my attitude in check. Right now it stinks and everything I say will come out whiny. My 38 days were amazing and my spiritual walk has grown..but I am tired and that makes life FEEL overwhelming. In a nutshell I am working 3 jobs right now because my ex is behind several months in child support and I still have 3 kids to feed. The justice system works slowly BUT things are happening...see he has been served papers:-)

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I don't understand the logic behind NOT wanting to take care of your kids but that is for God to take care of...all I can do is pray and work...and work..and work and work some more. God has so taken care of us and I don't want to leave that out..He is in this and taking care of all the details! I KNOW that and I haven't forgotten and everyday I give Him thanks...BUT I am physically beyond exhausted! I thought I knew tired before but I was mistaken. The ex has 45 days to respond so hopefully the support will start up again this summer. Anyway, I wanted to share an AMAZING blog post from a dear friend that I adore. She wrote it after someone made a comment on my facebook about God not giving us more than we can handle. I want to be clear that the person that made it is a sweetheart and didn't mean ANYthing and was just trying to encourage me. Out of that came this post and you have to read it because it is brillant and so true. Most of us our fixers and want so much to fix things but sometimes things just are what they are....so go read this:-)

I promise I will be back and share all the amazing blessings that God has provided for us during this stressful time. I truly AM blessed and I know that! I am walking in blessings but I am walking slowly because my body wasn't meant to work this hard lol Thanks to all of those that have emailed to check on me! It is nice to be missed:-)


Jesica said...

just to clarify - I didn't mean anything nasty towards the person who said that, either.

in fact, I don't think it really even had anything to do with that comment, except it finally tipped me over the edge.

that blog has been half in my head for months - but I couldn't think of a way to say it without hurting anyone's feelings.

I finally stopped caring if it would step on people's toes - wrote it anyway - and have gotten great feedback.

life is so weird. LOL

I love you ... lots n lots n stuff

Ame said...

loving you

knowing where you are

knowing how you feel

wishing we were neighbors.

you're always near to my heart, my friend.

Sarah said...

Thinking of you~