Where did I go??

I know that is the question of the week lol I am here. My life has been INSANE this last month...kids came home, moved to a new home, school started with 3 kids in 3 different schools with 3 different bus routes! All of that makes for a stressful month for ANYone...add in the fact I am a single mom and some personal problems and I have been hanging on by a thread. I wish I could say I handle stress with grace but that wouldn't be truthful:-) I DO know where to go when I am hurting and I know He will always love me...warts and all:-) I don't think I will EVER understand why bad things happen but we aren't promised lives without problems...in fact, we are told there WILL be tribulation! I just have to quit listening to myself and the lies of the enemy and start talking back with the Word. I do know I am thankful for a church that preaches the Word and friends that live it...I am thankful for friends that don't listen when you try to push them away because you want to hurt alone...I am thankful for friends that literally drag you down to the altar because they know there is hope even when you can't see past the pain....I am thankful for friends that just love me and a God that will never leave me or forsake me even when I ask the hard questions and get angry. God loves us ALL that much!

For all of those who have called or emailed (even though I didn't answer) I APPRECIATED your prayers so much! I can't tell you how much it helped knowing that people were praying even if they didn't know why...God heard and I am beginning to see the light again:-)


Ame said...

just want you to know ... i love you ... and you are on my heart

martie said...

I have been thinking of you A LOT! So, what is the new home like.........take pictures and post them. The 'internet mom' wants to see where you live now. How can I possibly communicate with you if I can't picture where you are sitting at the computer, or eating or coming together as a family? Please post pictures. Love ya and hugs to all!