My kids have been home a week now and I have spent the last week getting things done for school. I HATE waiting till the last minute but my kids have been in Florida all summer! To add to my stress my youngest will be at a different elementary school even though we live in the same zip code lol She is SOOOO excited but *I was NOT thrilled about having to go to the enrollment office...I did this two years ago when I moved here.....oh yeah on Aug 1st I was here TWO YEARS!! Can you believe that??!! Let me tell you God is soooo good!! I also changed the address for the other two while I was there and found out the new bus routes. The kids are beyond thrilled about our new home. In the past week I have taken them for hair cuts...can you believe they went ALL summer without them?!! Oh my word they looked scruffy! I also spent a lot of time shopping for shoes, clothes, backpacks etc. Every time I would pay I would think about the fact my parents had SEVEN of us! How could they afford 7 kids at school time?? I am struggling with just 3!! I thought about calling my parents to tell them thanks but here are the conversations I have had with them today...my parents lol not my kids:-) First my Mom left a voicemail on my cell that said "pick up...cmon pick up...I am not hanging up till you do...." ummmm Mom it isn't an answering machine;-) Then just now my Dad called my house and started asking me what I was doing. I told him we were home to eat dinner and then we were going swimming at a friends house. He acted busy and said "here talk to your Mother"...ok....so my Mom gets on the phone and asks me what I was doing and I told her the same stuff and she says..."call me back later cuz I need to put these groceries away and I am busy"....umm Mom YOU called ME lol She says "I didn't call you ! _____ did you call her?"....Anyway, there is no point to this post but I had to tell someone that my parents are insane;-) I never did get to thank them but after today I am thinking that school shopping causes you to lose brain cells. I know because at the store today I stopped in the middle and asked my kids what I was doing because I was so frazzled! So NOT kidding! Then at one point I told them we weren't there to look at toys...I was on a mission and several Moms laughed out loud so I guess I am not alone...school shopping IS stressful!!

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Ame said...

got clothes.

nothing else.


dreading it.

especially since our wal mart is remodeling and everything is topsy-turvy.